Each child is a gift of God, possessed with talent and skills, and we believe in giving a a platform to all!!
So for the very first time –‘Brain of Vadodara-A Competitive Exam’ is being conducted in Vadodara which is powered by Planet Educationtion ,a Leading Coaching Institute of IELTS and GRE in the month of January, 2019.Here, one gets an opportunity to showcase their talent on the basis of English, General Knowledge and Mathematics. The one who makes it to the top 50 will be going ahead to the final selection of top three winners.


To find ‘The Brain of Vadodara, 2019.’


Each student is filled with talent and we would like to give a platform to each one of them so that not only in 2019 but in many years to come Vadodara witnesses a series of ‘Brain of Vadodara.’